Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Coming to the end of my current client engagement. Not much to really look forward to after that. The market has been pretty bad for Management Consultants over the past few years and despite everyone's optimism that this will be the year of the rebound, I think its going to take much longer.

Ever get into the debate on outsourcing? About how we're losing our jobs here to people in India and China? I guess thats the price of go where is economically beneficial and where it keeps your company out of the red.

Killings...ever wonder why all we hear is bad news on TV on the radio? Someone blowing themselves up in Israel, our soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, unrest in the middle east, al-qaeda and god knows how many other fundamentalist organizations just looking to kill someone? Yes, I know its in our nature to destroy ourselves...but this is getting ridiculous. Somebody do something about all this...and I DONT mean more violence.

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