Friday, September 17, 2004

India (Updates)

My father is dead (JUL 13 2004). He died fighting a brave battle against cancer at a hospital in Bombay. From the internal bleeds to the blood transfusions to the renal failure to the liver failure (due to intense medications), he kept a positive attitude. We knew as a family that the end was near about 24 hrs before it actually happened. All i could do was whisper in his ear "Dad, you are going to be OK, we're doing everything we can" at the ICU.
I feel like a liar, I feel like I've let down my father who never have let me die (Im sure he would go to the ends of the earth to help me). Yet, after a period of introspection, I've realized that we as a family did everything we could possibly do. He's in a much better place now.
Dad if you're reading this or my thoughts, know that you will never be forgotten. You have always had that special place in my heart, I still cry when I think of everything that you have been through. May your soul find peace just like you did when you took care of us and brought us up and held this family together.