Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bomb blasts in Bombay

Seems like once again the city I love and grew up in has been hit with a series of bomb blasts. The body count stands at 147, but given that fact that it was 8 bombs on crowded commuter trains at rush hour..i'm sure its a lot more.

May god bless the souls of those who have died, may he provide solace to the families of those who have lost someone, and may he give strength in survival for those who have been injured.

I'm frustrated with this whole terrorist situation...why ARE they doing this? If its over kashmir, lets pick a battle there...we have special forces that will kick their ass out there. Stop attacking innocent people who are working stiffs trying to eke a living in an otherwise merciless and expensive city.

Whatever happens, i hope they find those responsible, and hang them without a trial. I feel for you Bombay, i really do. I know we will overcome scum like these and stand on our feet again.

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