Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Analyzing my career

I'm at a point where I'm not very happy with my job (to say in the least). A series of events have culminated in me wondering if I really swim in a pool of sharks that are supposed to be my so called inner circle.

I took a step back to write down what I thought

Analyzing my options:

Immediate options: Complete my Exec MBA

Where Am I?
- Senior Manager in a big 5 consulting firm
- Work on client engagements focusing on technology integration and CRM

What do I want to do?
- Run my own company, innovate a solution or a product

Am I Happy?
- At my current job, NO! Im frustrated with the way things are going with my boss, he can get tunnel vision from time to time and i'm afraid at some point our relationship will mean nothing to me

Do I need a change of job?
- Yes. I need to do something totally different. Even if it is for a little less money

Where do we go from here?
- Investigate opportunities outside my current company
- Look at starting my own company
- Take a break for about 6 months and basically spend time with my mom

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