Sunday, December 31, 2006


This is the best news of the year... Eagles win against Falcons 24-17 with AJ Feeley at quarterback. I think we all saw disappointment in the 5 game losing streak this year and the loss of McNabb, I for one was bitching to my buds about how badly they had played, and now to bounce back and be on top of the NFC east..this excerpt from their news article says it all:

"But 10 minutes after the game was over, the players and coaches and everybody was talking about what is ahead. Winning 10 games and bouncing back to win the division was nice. It was welcomed. But the real goal is out there. The real goal is not making the playoffs.

The real goal is winning the Super Bowl.

And the Eagles are alive.

... What did we learn on Sunday? Well, Feeley is a capable quarterback who has a nice touch on the deep ball. He got rid of the rust and blistered Atlanta's first-team defense.

... We learned that Baskett and Avant make plays when given the chance. We learned that Greg Lewis is going to catch passes and make first downs. We learned that Matt Schobel is suddenly a weapon in the red zone."


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