Monday, August 06, 2007

of Coming out and all that

an old friend whom i had caught up last week with, finally let the cat out of the bag that he's gay. i could feel him wait for a reaction from me, especially since i had zero gaydar on him and always ribbed him about being too picky in finding a nice girl (so much for my helping!!).

we chatted for a bit as he told me how hard it was initially especially being indian, and all the social taboo that comes with only answer was, "man, all i can say is, you have to go with what warms your heart, there is no right and wrong, and society in general has been known to be wrong very many times".

My personal thoughts, congratulations on finding the one you love. do not worry about the people who pass judgement and tell you whats righteous or not. Lifes to short to get caught up with other peoples nonsense when you can find love and peace in your own home.

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