Saturday, April 26, 2008

the past week

wow what a week.. between the crisis at work, trip and promo presentation to the partners in boston, catching up with E out there, the return to NYC, boys night out in NYC and finally back into class -- im exhausted.

its sad to know that a lot of people from class will turn into strangers soon, and some will continue to stay close to me. i guess that as i have started to know people better, i've liked them less for their attitudes, behavior and generally lack of any forseeable commonalities in friendship that we may have.

back to boston: nervous as heck while practising my presentation in front of the mirror, but it eventually went well. managed to get some feedback from my mentor and it suggested that things were okay, im happy.. im not the best presenter, but i think the practising helped me this time. it pays to know every slide on your deck!

the evening was equally good, met up with E at the Oak bar inside of the Fairmont Copley and then on to Cleary's for dinner/sandwiches. what a fun evening, even Juan (an old colleague who has since quit the firm) managed to join us for the first part of the evening.

and now.. back in class, its 4.10 pm and im worn out; the team wants to drink tonight but i dont have it in me, im too tired!!!!!

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