Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Running

As you probably know, when I do things, i tend to immerse myself into them. Good or bad. Whether it's having a drink or staying fit. Luckily for the past 5 months, its been about staying fit.

Completed my second 10K run this am. This one was much better. 10k (or 6.25 miles) completed in 66 minutes. So I averaged around 10.56/mile. Whats wierd is that i ran at 5.7mph (or 10.30/mile) all the way, so I'm not sure if the mill was off (or I did the initial slow run for way too long). Either way, this beats my earlier 10K run, and I ran all the way without slowing to a walk.

What a way to start the summer, Memorial day here i come :)

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