Thursday, May 13, 2004

Iraq and the state of current affairs

I guess at this point everyone is talking about one of two things; the Abu Ghraib prison abuse and the execution of Nick Berg. The execution reminds us of these animals we deal with, these so-called purveyors of the words of god, these hate-mongers who would kill anyone that stood in the way of their self-righteousness. Make no mistake, there is NO argument these people can place forth that justifies their actions, nothing, nada, zilch. I sure hope they find those masked people and bring them to an equal justice. An eye for an eye. My sympathies with the Berg family.

As for the prison abuse, though many may argue that these people are animals and need to be treated that way for two cents is: Dont torture them if you are gonna take pictures and release it to the media. Thats a dumbass move. And yes, please find someone accountable now that you have been caught in the act posing for pictures...

Im frustrated with the way the world is earlier, there never seems to be any good news in the air these days...all about death and destruction. What we need now is a period of peace and love for our race (yes the human race..not hindus or muslims or chritians or whatever..we're all human first).

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