Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Journey Back

Somehow, everytimg I travel, something goes wrong. Bombay had a major power blackout on Tuesday (18th May) at 9pm. Knowing how we work in Bbay, my family asked me to hurry up and rush for the airport coz most all roads would be clogged with traffic and the newly fallen first rains of the season. Thanks to my buddy Royce, we managed to make it on time.
Flight back to the US was uneventful and included a 7 hr stopover in Amsterdam. Managed to get back at around 9pm (EST) home. Gosh I'm so happy to see my fiancee all over again, its like I was away from her for a million years (sucker!!!). Well I think I will chill this weekend and get in line to start work on Monday

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