Saturday, November 11, 2006

early am

Woke up with a heavy head, and all these thoughts swirling through it...for once in my life i couldn't understand why.. no emotions were attached besides saudade...and then it struck me, it was about the one painting that always has me thinking....

~ Persistence of memory - To the surrealistic maestro ~

The passage of time, seems like today is yesterday
My memories fade, people i know have gone away
Pictures, stills in the fabric that never rests
Somehow i tend to remember the best

I'm holding hands with you, a compadre, a lover, maybe a friend?
I cannot recall, how did it end?
Separate ways? a fork in our lives
Or was it just life being life, taking over our ties?

Children in a backyard, playing games together,
Now adults with a motive, not wanting one another,
Innocence so lost, and love in between
If it could be undone, it never should have been

Looking forward, into a grey future,
Trying to beat time, and mother nature,
My body starts to fade, memories wane,
Yet, some part of me wants to be that child again.

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