Friday, November 17, 2006

Financial Accounting and then some more

got home in the wee hours of the morning from Chicago. Flights delayed due to crummy weather on the east coast. I think i'm running on overdrive given that i've slept only 4 hrs today. Managed to catch up on my marketing reading (pricing/branding etc) and now am playing catch up on financial accounting. gotta admit i love the subject but each exam throws me into a tizzy :)

ah well, tomorrow is another day ... smoked a nice rocky patel 1990 vintage cigar sitting outside on the deck in the cold, reading...

am wondering if my life has more meaning than just this.. stress and more stress. lack of relaxed weekends. i do miss my partner (my wife) terribly, she's such a treat to have around, a great companion. well, gotta wait until xmas eve till she gets back (or i find my way to goa before that to see her).

am off to joes place in a few to grab dinner with him and study for the test tomm, i know he wants me to just crash over there and leave for class directly in the morning (very nice of him actually)..somehow i just want to sleep in my own bed for a change. i've travelled close to 20k miles in the past 3 weeks, i'm tired, i need a break from my career life (yeah i know i sound like a whiny biach...yeah i know)

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