Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ithaca and All that

Drove back with Joe late last night from Ithaca. Its been a very hard week with the papers due, valuation exam and consequent 3 am work nights to complete related class work. Did manage to smoke a cigar with Juran one night and get to know the Valuation professor. Seems to be a really nice fella, intelligent as heck and super young for a guy of his calibre. Joe and I were pretty happy to get to know him, as he seems to be outgoing and has the potential to be buddy eventually when this MBA gets done :)

im home now and i can feel the exhaustion of the past week seeping in. it didnt have much of a chance to get noticed because we were running from one deadline to more paper in markstrat to complete and we are done for this week.

here's looking forward to another long nights sleep and then getting back to work.

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