Thursday, November 21, 2002

Wednesday - November 20th 2002

5.00 am:
The in Philadelphia and working in NYC.....being a management consultant has its pitfalls but every once in a while I get the opportunity to "work" from home. Today is NOT that opportunity. Waking up at 5.00 am has taken its toll on my life in the past 4 years.

Whine whine whine....thats me these days in a nutshell. Oh well, I suppose the past pay cuts and uncertainty of today has left me with little or no motivation.

6.30 am:
Well the drive from Phila to New Brunswick NJ is always uneventful and so is the bus ride from there on to New York city. The trusty ole car is starting to groan after 170,000 miles (sometimes I wonder if its me the car is groaning at??)...oh well.....

11.30 am
Grooowwwl...thats my ole stomach telling me "Ok big boy, time for some scrumptious lunch". My fiancee has decided that I need to eat healthy, so here goes...salad....unsweetened ice tea...boring.

3.30 pm
Still working on the usual client pursuits trying to sell some projects. Can't help my mind wandering off to the new Mandrake 9.0 linux version and when I will get a chance to try it. The weekend? Maybe.

7.00 pm
Just in time for the bus back to New Brunswick and back home at 9.30 pm. Foods in the frig, TV tonite. Want to play Counter-strike. I seem to have lost my skills these days.


Thursday - November 21st 2002

5.00 am
The usual......prior post. My day never seems to change. Only this time I'm up thinking all about my trip to India. The day after thanksgiving.
My parents would be psyched to see me , as I will be them. In fact this is the first time in 6-7 years that the whole family will be having dinner together on Christmas day.

This time around though I plan to maximize my time with my dad, who has been the beacon of thought in my life. Someone I grew to love and respect and nothing can change that for me. Mr. Iceman himself....someone who can hang with the boyz and yet be harder than nails when push comes to shove. I hope I can be like him someday and earn the respect of people around me.