Friday, December 17, 2004

Ode to Dad

Was sitting on a flight heading out to Columbus Ohio and could'nt help but stare out at the clear skies and wonder if there was someone out there...penned my thoughts down as they came:

Thought I had it all figured out,
You and I together
Having a drink, enjoying a shout
Just like birds of a feather

What a remarkable life you've led
a father, a confidante and a friend
now you're gone, but so much to be said,
i hoped we'd grow old together in the end

i do stop and think of you everyday
a moment of smiles and two of sorrow
when all i really want to say
is thank you for yesterday, today and tommorrow.

Married Now

Yes, I finally did it (Nov 19th 2004), the love of my life :) we had a small ceremony at the local district court in PA. People have gone thru emotions of anger (for not telling them), to disgust (for me losing my bachelorhood) to happiness (for us)....
for everything that has been said and for everyone that matters :) i know you understand that we're working our way slowly to making this a successful celebration of life together.
It's been a terrible year otherwise with dads passing, this is the light at the end of a tunnel (and hopefully onto new beginnings)

A poem for dad

This is from my dedication website..

Gone but never forgotten

Our paths have crossed,
For but a small portion of time
In a relationship this world offers
Me as your son, You, as the father of mine

Yet in these few years,
For all that I've ever known
You've been there with me
A guiding hand to hold, all along

Wish I could have loved you more
For I know that I did not love you less
Yet in loving, I've felt
What many in this world will miss left me to face this life
One full of hatred, complications and no one in my corner
But before leaving, gave me the strength
To stand and live with honor.

If I didn't say it, I will say it now
No matter how much time goes by
You will always live thru me
I will always be your son, I will see you on the other side.