Tuesday, June 24, 2008

George Carlin

Saw it on the news late last night..RIP George Carlin, thank you for making me laugh and think about materialism every time I heard your standup act...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The bucket list

Wife wasnt doing well this week, so we've been renting movies @ home. Just saw "The bucket list" as it was released on DVD today, what a super movie. Reminded me of a certain someone who passed away with cancer, and how he was robbed of his opportunity to make his bucket list.

Here's my 5 minute bucket list (i suppose this will keep growing as I think things through):
  • Skydive Once -- This scares the crap out of me (acrophobia)
  • Take a trip to Italy (Rome, Tuscany) with my wife, she's always wanted to do this and I derive a lot of my happiness from here
  • Help pay for my neices education (perhaps leave her some money to help do this)
  • Drive a nascar / F1 car on the track (need for speed!)
  • Participate in a life changing activity (by this I mean community service, helping provide vocational guidance to poor kids/families)
  • Hit a pub in England, have a pint of some real bitter and some english pub food
  • Go to a English Premier League football game
  • Meet Sachin Tendulkar (even if it is to just shake hands and say "Hey, I'm awestruck by your ability in the game")
  • Watch the Philadelphia Eagles win one Superbowl (well even if im not around to see it, it will be worth hearing the news) -- Update: even if i'm not around, put some flowers on my grave and a picture of swoop / the vince lombardi trophy.. it will make me smile wherever i am :)