Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another MBA weekend goes by

Wow, im exhausted. Its been a week of work and then yet another quiz this weekend. I cannot believe that a year of the MBA is almost over (May 13th). Just gotta grind thru the next two weeks with the client "To-Be" sessions kicking off tomorrow and hitting the books for corporate finance's final exam and the one last presentation for business strategy at Cornell....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The weekend, friends and more

What a super weekend its been. darren and i (and padma) spent some time together, then i returned to his ship and stayed over two nights.

Sunday lunch at the officers mess with some good mutton biryani and beers to boot. This followed by a drive up to North Wales PA for tennis and dinner at Amrut / Sonalis place. I still need to figure out why their baby is so scared of me.

Monday night started with darren doing some shopping for his soon to be born twins (you guessed it, huggies)...followed by cheesesteaks at pats.

tuesday, wholly different, headed down to Standard Tap in the northern liberties (on 2nd and Poplar) and got some yummy mussels and andouille sausage for dinner. Some Yards philadelphia pale ale to wash this down with as well.. :)

he's off today, but i must say it was lovely being able to catch up and talk about the old bandra days, catch up on who's doing what and where, who tried to commit suicide, who got divorced and basically how fucking crowded and expensive our old stomping grounds have become..

Bon Voyage my friend, enjoy Galveston and then Morocco....good luck with the babies this august, consider padma and me as well wishers....

Saturday, April 21, 2007

end of the fork

So i ended up speaking to the partner who also is a close friend of mine, JH, once again you have put things in perspective for me... i do appreciate it. That fork has ended.

Other than that, met Darren, a friend from bombay who is now a captain of a merchant vessel. he docked into port from west africa yesterday morning, so padma and i drove down to Pier 84 (Phila) to see him. Drinks, Dinner @ Chickies and Petes (the original one) and some real good conversation.

I'm impressed that someone my age is so successful and responsible, and commandeers a vessel like that...kudos to you my friend. its good to see the old bandra boys succeed...

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Many forks in the road

im considering an option of going off and doing something on my own in financial services... this close to the finish line at my current job but just a little bored and unchallenged..

next week should provide more inputs on my direction.

class goes on at cornell, a little worn out but keep forging ahead