Sunday, May 23, 2004

Testing the Mail Blogs

Did'nt know one could do this..lets hope it works. If you see this message, it prolly does :)

The Journey Back

Somehow, everytimg I travel, something goes wrong. Bombay had a major power blackout on Tuesday (18th May) at 9pm. Knowing how we work in Bbay, my family asked me to hurry up and rush for the airport coz most all roads would be clogged with traffic and the newly fallen first rains of the season. Thanks to my buddy Royce, we managed to make it on time.
Flight back to the US was uneventful and included a 7 hr stopover in Amsterdam. Managed to get back at around 9pm (EST) home. Gosh I'm so happy to see my fiancee all over again, its like I was away from her for a million years (sucker!!!). Well I think I will chill this weekend and get in line to start work on Monday

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Sunday - Two days to my return

This has been really weighing heavily over me. I will be returning to the good ole USofA in a couple of days leaving my folks behind.. What sucks is that I feel I should be around them more. Isn't it wierd that u spend yr teenage years hating and rebelling against ur parents and then you go away from them and realize how much they mean to you. Well, here I am.
A friend of mine was visiting from Goa over the last couple of days. His bud insisted that we go to a place called "The Hawaiian Shack" located near Pali. Turns out the place scams you for a cover charge and then dosnt stop people from entering. It was so crowded that one couldn't move and the aircons werent clearing the smoke from peoples cigarettes effectively. Being an ex-smoker, I positively HATE the smell of cigarettes in a closed room. Needless to say, I woke up saturday morning with a sore throat and a bad headache (and I didn't have more than a couple of beers). No more clubs for me, Im an old old man now :)

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Iraq and the state of current affairs

I guess at this point everyone is talking about one of two things; the Abu Ghraib prison abuse and the execution of Nick Berg. The execution reminds us of these animals we deal with, these so-called purveyors of the words of god, these hate-mongers who would kill anyone that stood in the way of their self-righteousness. Make no mistake, there is NO argument these people can place forth that justifies their actions, nothing, nada, zilch. I sure hope they find those masked people and bring them to an equal justice. An eye for an eye. My sympathies with the Berg family.

As for the prison abuse, though many may argue that these people are animals and need to be treated that way for two cents is: Dont torture them if you are gonna take pictures and release it to the media. Thats a dumbass move. And yes, please find someone accountable now that you have been caught in the act posing for pictures...

Im frustrated with the way the world is earlier, there never seems to be any good news in the air these days...all about death and destruction. What we need now is a period of peace and love for our race (yes the human race..not hindus or muslims or chritians or whatever..we're all human first).

Monday, May 10, 2004

India Continued

Still in Mumbai melting away in the sweltering dads case was (surprisingly) misdiagnosed and a second (and third) opinion confirmed that. A wave of relief came over the whole family and now we're trying hard to get life back to normal. My mom is driving me nuts, her cholesterol is at an all time high, and, after spending a night at the hospital..she comes back home and grabs a buttered sandwich. Beats the crap out of me how someone so old in life can just brush away the concern of other people...
my trip ends next tuesday the 19th and i know im gonna miss my folks loads..but its life and one must move on. i hope to be back in december to spend xmas with the family..
all in all, its been very satisfying spending some quality time with the folk and basically helping my dad back to health