Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fire in the apartment

Was kicking off a "Requirements" meeting with my clients this friday morning and my phone starts to ring.. its my wife calling. Put it on mute a couple of times but she kept calling and i think to myself "This can't be good because she never does this".

Next thing i hear from her is that the apartment two walls down is on fire pretty bad and the whole building has to be evacuated. Turns out that something went down in the kitchen (at least hearsay from folks standing around) that caused the fire.

We were allowed in for a brief bit to get our clothes etc but are basically relegated to an empty apartment in the complex. So, net net we're sorta homeless right now. Drove up to my buds place in NY and will be here till monday night to say in the least.

i will upload some apartment pics later, in the meanwhile, the news pictures are here on MSNBC News

and more pictures from the Eddington Fire Department

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Royce and the blog

so an old buddy royce said to me today "Royce D'souza: but i still won't so forget - i don't have a fucking mention in your online journal"..

Well here goes royce :) look forward to seeing u december in bombay