Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Picture

Whos that handsome man bowling... Nice picture Vikram, love the shutter speed adjustment.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ithaca and All that

Drove back with Joe late last night from Ithaca. Its been a very hard week with the papers due, valuation exam and consequent 3 am work nights to complete related class work. Did manage to smoke a cigar with Juran one night and get to know the Valuation professor. Seems to be a really nice fella, intelligent as heck and super young for a guy of his calibre. Joe and I were pretty happy to get to know him, as he seems to be outgoing and has the potential to be buddy eventually when this MBA gets done :)

im home now and i can feel the exhaustion of the past week seeping in. it didnt have much of a chance to get noticed because we were running from one deadline to more paper in markstrat to complete and we are done for this week.

here's looking forward to another long nights sleep and then getting back to work.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Funeral and Final goodbyes

Drove up to Nileshs this morning to go attend Brians funeral. It was a sad morning to find a friend going away forever, with no chance of running into each other again during this life.

Sat at mass being one of the three non-caucasian folks there, as Brian would have said "boy you are really out of place here :)", did our farewells, wiped a tear off my eye (after all us macho men dont cry). Spoke to Matt and Chad (his best friends and pall bearers) and of course were able to laugh about everything that defined Brian and his inappropriateness... but a man who could really be counted on to help people.

Here's an excerpt from Brians sense of humor:

Three weeks ago he was helping move us out of our old apartment and into a new one, during the move downstairs, some dude (who was also moving his apartment) came over and struck a conversation with Brian saying "Gosh I'm moving back to Ohio, i hate these moves"...

Brian in his infinite smart-assness goes "Yeah i understand, thats why you should do what i did .. (points to Amrut and Nilesh and goes..) i just hired these Indians to help me out"

The guy was so startled with the statement that he mumbled "No Comment" and sauntered off..

That was Brians humor, i laughed about it all of that day.. i was smiling in the back of my head as i placed my hand on his casket and said goodbye to a friend. he was part of my life for the past 5 years, but he will be remembered for a very long time...Rest in peace my friend, its your time to look down upon us and smile now

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bizarre Turn of Events

Got back home this evening from a week on the road including; Philly, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Newark in a span of 3 days. JH was driving me back home and i was telling him about how much Brian had helped with driving the truck for the move, helping with the heavy stuff, adding to the humor and then i called nilesh.

The call i should never have made:
Nilesh: Man, I have some news for you
Me: What?
Nilesh: You are not going to believe this
Me: What? You got your green card? You finally proposed to the girl and are planning on marriage?
Nilesh: No, Brian died last night

<...Stunned Silence>
Me: What? Stop fucking around
Nilesh: Dude, his boss Jim and friend George called me to tell me this, I'm still in shock, and to think he has a 6 month old baby
Me: What? What happened? Does anyone know
Nilesh: No idea. But I will find out about the funeral plans

Right now, I'm sitting here in utter disbelief that the one person who lit up the humor in any room, at any party,.. the one person who could actually make you uncomfortable with his crazy comments.. is GONE!

Brian, was 33 years old. Rest in peace my friend. My feelings, thoughts and heart goes out to your family. I hope we can all stay in touch so that someday when lil Isabella grows up, I can tell her what a great guy her dad was.

....tomorrow is dads 3rd death anniversary, i will wake up and say a prayer to you dad. If you do run into Brian on the other side, I'm sure you two will enjoy a smoke together up in that great blue beyond.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The weekend move

Harrowing weekend. Thanks to Brian, Nilesh, and Amrut, this whole move went smoother than i ever imagined. I'm now wondering how it is that we ended up with so much junk in a 1 br apartment until now.

Came home to the apartment to find out that the owner had left some of his stuff. I have to admit that i was a little upset until he came over and told me how badly his move went. We helped him load up the remaining stuff into his car and he drove off sunday night.

its monday morning and i'm aching like a mofo right now. At work, trying to get thru this day and make the most of my sleep tonight.

for you fellas who helped me move, thank you for being there when I needed you the most. For my wife: thank you for the logistics and spreadsheets you put together...if not, we'd still be looking for our stuff.

... and to the truck rental company, a BIG F-you for giving me a 22 foot truck that I could barely handle.