Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Im exhausted. Its been a busy week and its only wednesday. Flew out to Indy and back thru all day meetings monday. Got back home in time to watch the eagles suck like a hoover vaccuum in the fourth quarter and lose.

School work is starting to ramp up BIG TIME. We have a global project item due this week and i will be responsible for gluing all the hard work and research the team has pulled together - I hope not to let them down. Mauritius is looming on the horizon, and i am looking forward to both the team visit as well as having the families visit. I think we will stay at the Villa Latanier. Thanks to you Sly.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

80s music again

Listening to some music on youtube, decided to search for some old (well 80s) goodies.. here goes

Noel: Silent Morning

I did think Noel (or Noel Pagan : his real name) was one of the better freestylers of his time (circa 1987) and that led me to check where freestyle has gone....

well, heres Billy Wingrove with Football Freestyle