Wednesday, November 18, 2009


today is the day of the trip. Ive spent the past 4-5 days in and out of bed basically sick from a sore throat and the shivers. Yes, "oink" was the first word that popped into my head given that everyone has the swine flu. Doc says its acute laryngitis and that I will be ok. I still feel like crap though and am wondering how i will survive this flight. Of course the company of my lovely wife always makes things look up, so thats one avenue :)

ok, so checked out on client project, checked in mentally for malaysia. My gps is loaded with maps of malaysia and singapore. will be seeing my sis n mom there for 5 days or so. hoping for a nice vaca.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

JJWS - Pehla Nasha

Was searching for some AR Rahman music and came across this oldie...brings back some fun memories from college with Ramesh, VK, and Vivek...broke as shit but watching hindi movies on saturday afternoons sucking down some rum that we would secretly smuggle into the theaters or even a smoke by the door...

Ah to be young, stupid and careless again :)

Boston Logan

Sitting at Boston Logan, 6 pm and wondering what was that AD that I loved the other day...yes...YOU/HTC

Now thats what I'm saying "and you trying to remember, and you, are trying to forget". Don't we all have that in our lives?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


from some time ago, still a magical song

Comme si je n'existais pas,
elle est passée à côté de moi
Sans un regard, reine de "Saba",
j'ai dit Aïcha prends tout est pour toi

Voici les perles les bijoux,
aussi l'or autour de ton cou
Les fruits, biens mûrs au goût de miel,
ma vie, Aïcha si tu m'aimes

J'irai où ton souffle nous mène,
dans les pays d'ivoire et des baignes
J'effacerai tes larmes ou tes peines,
rien n'est trop beau pour une si belle

Aïcha, Aïcha écoute moi,
Aïcha, Aïcha t'en vas pas
Aïcha,Aïcha regarde moi,
Aïcha, Aïcha réponds-moi

Je dirai les mots les poèmes,
je jouerai les musiques du ciel
Je prendrai les rayons du soleil,
pour éclairer tes yeux de reine

Aïcha, Aïcha écoute moi,
Aïcha, Aïcha t'en vas pas
Aïcha,Aïcha regarde moi,
Aïcha, Aïcha réponds-moi

Elle m'a dit: "Garde tes tresors,
moi je vaux mieux que tout ça
Des barreaux sont des barreaux, même en or
Je veux les mêmes droits que toi
Du respect pour chaque jour,
moi je ne veux que de l'amour "

Comme si je n'existai pas,
elle est passée à côté de moi

Sans un regard, reine de "Saba"é,
j'ai dit Aïcha prends tout est pour toi

Aïcha, Aïcha écoute moi, Aïcha, Aïcha écoute moi
Aïcha, Aïcha t'en vas pas, Aïcha, Aïcha, regarde moi
Aïcha, Aïcha réponds moi, Aïcha, Aïcha écoute moi
Aïcha, Aïcha t'en vas pas, Aïcha, Aïcha, regarde moi
Aïcha, Aïcha répond moi, Aïcha, Aïcha écoute moi
Aïcha, Aïcha t'en vas pas, Aïcha, Aïcha, regarde moi

is this as good as it gets?

im starting to wonder about life, in general and more specifically. was there another reason other than working for a living that we have been put here. while i'm a big believer in focusing on the quality of our relationships that we share with our loved ones, families, friends and the overall good deeds one can do, i find that im more consumed with the moment at work. work drives my schedule, my life and my ability to live without the constant worry of not getting a task accomplished. i wonder, is this really as good as it gets?

Friday, October 23, 2009


Yawn, 6.03 am, awake just to test my hurting heel with a run today after a week. here's keeping fingers crossed that i can do it

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The News and Then Some

So, didn't hear anything about moving forward careerwise this past month as I suspected, it migth have been put on hold. Had a call last night with a senior person and she was able to describe to me the whys and whats that are holding up the situation.

Needless to say, after the initial disappointment, a strange calm came over me when I realized that I don't define my life by these guidelines. Call it a losing consolation prize, but, in my head, all the money in the world wouldn't compensate for the time well spent with the person I love. You know who you are because you read this blog from time to time and wonder about my dark poetry.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ok I'm updating now

Okay, so i've been away from this blog for a little bit now. Its just that I went thru a phase of trying to sell some follow on work to a client who wasn't buying anymore and the well went dry for a bit. Fast forward into July and a phone call from a colleague set me up with a new client (biotech) in boston. I love this city, staying at the starwood hotels makes it even more fun. Somewhere between a tough client, a good team and even better leadership, it makes it all worth it.

One complaint though, the commute is a killer. Seems like every rainstorm, wind or happening of god, has an effect on the flight and traffic patterns back to Eagles country. That, and not getting to spend time with my wife anymore, or should I say, as much as I like. Okay, well that two complaints, but then again, last time i checked, this is MY blog isn't it?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Remembering dad

You passed away 5 years this day and I remember standing by your bedside as you breathed your last at 7pm IST. I still miss you, and I still cherish the time we have spent together. May your soul rest in peace. Don't forget, I'm looking forward to seeing you again in this afterlife.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Caught up with Anil, Jeff, Jimmy and Sandra at the Legend Bar in NYC (33rd and 5th). Had an excellent evening seeing old classmates :)

Thanks to Vix that I had a place to crash, saw some of my old negatives he's been scanning and WOW those brought back some serious memories....

The running continues...managed to get some decent running in so far:
Saturday 5.5 Miles
Monday 3.25 Miles
Tuesday 3.125 Miles
Wednesday 3.5 Miles

The ole treadmill now has 509 miles on it, started the year with 195 or so miles on it, so between wifey and me have run over 300 miles since January...not too shabby!

Ahhhh!!! Now I can enjoy Atlanta and not feel too guilty about this ...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mind of a schizo?

ever wonder if there's another side of you? perhaps living in a parallel universe? ever wake up in your sleep hearing someone say something only to look around the room and see that theres no one around? if your not afraid, then why is your heart pounding?

I'm changing, and I'm confused,
Starting to question my sanity
Am I one, or are there many
sides to my being? Inside me.

I'm honest or I think I am,
malice, remorse and then some more
frustration, fear, uncertainty,
and then there's you!

A lurking evil, or a good side to me?
My alter ego, freedom outside the chains of this world
An entity that I cannot deny,
from you, I want to be free.

Disturbed, I hear your screams in my sleep,
You are calling my name, yet there is no one around
It must be me, my madness and me,
from you, I want to be free!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a weekend of work outs

Its been a super memorial day weekend with Rohit and family joining us. Loved the lil ones running around and being able to play at dave and busters (and football outside). Somehow between the unhealthy food, drinks and friend snacks, at least managed to stay on course with the exercise. so heres what happened:

Thurs: Ran 5k. Bicycled 8Miles
Friday: Ran 5k
Saturday: Ran 10k (see post below) / Played football outside
Sunday: Played Football outside
Monday: Ran 5k, Biked outside around 6 miles
Tuesday (today) Ran 5k

All in all, i feel good about myself, i hope i can keep this up. Wife surprised me by forcing me to try 34 waist pants (something i havent done since i was 25). Wow, they fit :) still a little to snug for my old fashioned ass but, man it feels good to be down from a 40 waist. Oh and yes, no magic drugs, no miracle weigth loss diets nothing. Just plain ole sweat and toil between the treadmill and the weight bench!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Running

As you probably know, when I do things, i tend to immerse myself into them. Good or bad. Whether it's having a drink or staying fit. Luckily for the past 5 months, its been about staying fit.

Completed my second 10K run this am. This one was much better. 10k (or 6.25 miles) completed in 66 minutes. So I averaged around 10.56/mile. Whats wierd is that i ran at 5.7mph (or 10.30/mile) all the way, so I'm not sure if the mill was off (or I did the initial slow run for way too long). Either way, this beats my earlier 10K run, and I ran all the way without slowing to a walk.

What a way to start the summer, Memorial day here i come :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My First 10K

Ran my first 10k today. Did a nice first 5 miles in 55 minutes and then in an exhausted state walked the rest (1.55 miles) to bring it to a total of 77 minutes for 6.5 miles. Calorie count 1002 burned. But i feel good, exhilarated!

making adjustments to my 10K (i.e. 6.25 actual miles) that should have set me at 55+18.33 = 73.33 minutes or 1 hour and 13 minutes approximately. That means my average speed was 5.11 MPH (i.e. 60 x 6.25 / 73.33). Not bad for a first timer!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


4 Miles, 40.30 minutes...weight down to 195.2 .. lets see how far i can continue to carry this :)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Running update

what a beautiful warm day outside, or so i thought as i was making a decision to slack off and not run today. And then it happened, 5 miles, 56 minutes for a 198lb guy.. not bad at all. im ecstatic

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Been running for the past two months, got my fat ass finally doing around 4 miles @5.5mph. It feels good, I wonder if
a) i can keep up the discpline of running 2-4 times a week and
b) manage to get up to 13 miles by november so i can participate in a half marathon

Hmm... lets see

Monday, February 09, 2009


someone has too much time on their hands and copied every swear word from every sopranos episode.

the sopranos, uncensored. from victor solomon on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back without you

I've just dropped you off at the airport and walked back into the house with a cup of coffee in my heart feels empty and achy, even though I know you're gone only for a week, I guess I'll have to get used to not seeing you at home on the weekday evenings now.. i hate that feeling, you are a part of me, and I don't like it when a part of me is gone..even temporarily. The weekend can't come fast enough so I can be laughing with you and doting on you :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Birthday

You would have been 71 today, and me? sitting by your side laughing over that proverbial beer. I miss you.