Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Runner

I see you, staring back at me from the mirror of my mind,
Love, for the miles, the breathlessness
Fear of not doing it everday
Determination to drive myself more through life's mess

When I run, I'm free,
Like mercury on wings of desire
Fleet footed, must be my mind
As Morrison said, C'mon baby light my fire

The Move

Been all over the place for the past few weeks. Went to India for 5 days, meetings, meetings and more meetings. The highlight was meeting my mom in bombay, attending Palm sunday mass with her and then seeing her again for good friday and holy saturday. Small pleasures in this hectic life we lead.

Back to Boston - Philly madness. Home today (on a tuesday and thats unusual) and packing to move to the new place ! Excited Yes! Stressed Yes...More to come.