Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a weekend of work outs

Its been a super memorial day weekend with Rohit and family joining us. Loved the lil ones running around and being able to play at dave and busters (and football outside). Somehow between the unhealthy food, drinks and friend snacks, at least managed to stay on course with the exercise. so heres what happened:

Thurs: Ran 5k. Bicycled 8Miles
Friday: Ran 5k
Saturday: Ran 10k (see post below) / Played football outside
Sunday: Played Football outside
Monday: Ran 5k, Biked outside around 6 miles
Tuesday (today) Ran 5k

All in all, i feel good about myself, i hope i can keep this up. Wife surprised me by forcing me to try 34 waist pants (something i havent done since i was 25). Wow, they fit :) still a little to snug for my old fashioned ass but, man it feels good to be down from a 40 waist. Oh and yes, no magic drugs, no miracle weigth loss diets nothing. Just plain ole sweat and toil between the treadmill and the weight bench!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Running

As you probably know, when I do things, i tend to immerse myself into them. Good or bad. Whether it's having a drink or staying fit. Luckily for the past 5 months, its been about staying fit.

Completed my second 10K run this am. This one was much better. 10k (or 6.25 miles) completed in 66 minutes. So I averaged around 10.56/mile. Whats wierd is that i ran at 5.7mph (or 10.30/mile) all the way, so I'm not sure if the mill was off (or I did the initial slow run for way too long). Either way, this beats my earlier 10K run, and I ran all the way without slowing to a walk.

What a way to start the summer, Memorial day here i come :)