Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Nothingness

Had a fight with the wife over things that she just doesn't understand. Penned my thoughts around these:

"The Nothingness"

A strange wind sweeps across my being,
one of emptiness and fear inside
The apprehension of all that is near,
yet, afraid to abide.

A thought drops into my mind,
the splash heard so loud and far
Inside of me, a feeling of abandonment,
a feeling of not knowing who you are.

The creation of state of mind
a that of being within so far
escapement from that which holds
us to the bonds of anger

Time, heal the victims of life
And situations with it
Time, watch my days go by
And me with it.

A small speck on the wall of this world,
a small factor in its function
all i want is to stand near
the one i love with conviction

If salvage exists in a way I understand,
if redemption happens in compromise
I wish that you would reach out your hand,
and together we reach for the skies!

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