Sunday, August 14, 2005


Was thinking of racism and how so many people I have met just want to be friends, but fail when the chips are down:

Racism of thought

You look at me,
through those big blue eyes,
your lips crack a smile
yet, i can see through your lies.

You speak to me,
ask about my life, my country,
You try, very hard,
But you know that you can never let it be

The first signs of dissent,
unrest and unhappiness
the color of my skin
is the first thing that you will address.

Why even bother, to lead me on
in this friendship, in life
why even bother
when there is enough strife.

Look at me again,
avoid the colors that you see
look into my soul
and just, let me be.

I know someday we will share
a world without racism
but racism is not just actions, its thoughts
and i know you will understand if you even care.

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