Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More thoughts

Thoughts probably suck, but I'll post anyways...

~ Cometh ~

Sitting in the darkness
staring out through my empty eyes
thoughts inside of my head swirl no less
and me, feeling that emptiness

i see the end and i know its coming
i brace my self for something so slow
and with all the pain that it brings
with you in the end i will be, i know

i close my eyes, fear sinside of me
that chill, running down my spine
my delirium will not let me be
my addictions, will all be fine.

you will never know the person behind the flesh
one who has yearned to be touched
and yet you could care no less
for someone who has loved this much

i fear for those that i leave behind
in happiness and pain
i fear that this karmic illusion i have
may be wrong and i'll never see you again

But in that, from ashes to ashes
and dust to dust
this body is an instrument
of work and lust.

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