Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mike and his recovery

A friend and colleague Mike was diagnosed with bladder cancer sometime last year. This was all too much deja-vu what with stuff that happened to my dad. Mike did undergo full chemotherapy and radiation treatment and was built a new bladder from his intestine.

I happened to be in Orlando right before my trip to the bahamas and had that opportunity to catch up with him. Physically he was a shadow of his healthy-self, mentally...well a much stronger man and more spiritual being. We ran in the sun until his energy was sapped and then broke for lunch. It was fun to see someone on his path to recovery albeit with a dose of caution. Mike had left the chemo-port that is plugged into his aorta in place, he didnt want to get ahead of the game until he got a full report back stating that his cancer was in remission.

That news came last week (an excerpt from his email):

"My 3 month check up --- full body scan --- completely clear!!I wanted to share this sweeeeeeeeeeeeeett news.
I have just one more thing to do.....get my chemo port removed next Friday!! YEA!!
You all have been a great source of encouragement and prayer that I want to write a bit and tell you what it's like now. I have some residual issues, some aches and pains, but hey, we all do! When I think about where I've been, I can't really complain right now.
It's was a life changing experience....forever changed. I've heard some people say that eventually people forget the details of a trial like this time, I don't think that's possible....I feel I'll never forget. I don't even think I can begin to describe how it feels.
I've been blessed to have been healed and for this I am overwhelmingly thankful to God and the friends and family that helped get me through."

Welcome back to the recovery Mike, we really are happy and are pulling for you just as we did when the chips were down.

Im amazed at his fortitude, I hope someday when faced with a problem, I will be able to stand up to it like Mike did.

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