Monday, November 20, 2006

Poetry for my wife and family

Saudade again, miss my wife and family....

I'm over the hill, on the other side
Staring into the rays of the sun
The night behind me, my fears they hide,
A brand new day has begun.

Looking up to the sky and a new start on life
Would this be my achilles heel
To try and try again, not recognize failure
But to stand up and go the road ahead

I regret that i havent spent more time
With those that i love the best
One of those i cared for is long gone
And i need to work with the rest

I miss you with every beat in my pulse,
I breathe your name in my sleep
You are doing what needs you most,
For that my dear, i cannot fault you deep

I am going to reset, and find my way home
To you mother, sister and you my best friend
We'll be together just like before,
And my sadness will find its end

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