Wednesday, February 06, 2008


had a glass of wine today and am sitting at home with my wife. we've made some dimsums and are enjoying our alcohol .. gosh that sounds so bad.. its actually Paneroz Jumilla spanish wine..saw it at the store in Marlton NJ and was rated a 90% by Wine Spectator.

Its been a long day and i'm happy to be home with someone i really care about; work hasnt helped with the large conflict and lack of direction from our so-called leader, but, hes a good guy and means well, so life goes on.

As we move into a new phase of this client project, i'm wondering how i am going to keep up with school (branding, financial markets and private equity) and the testing scenarios that are going on at work. ive slowed down on the alcohol (yeah i know i started this post with a reference to a glass of wine i was currently sipping -- so put a lid on it already!).

Signing off right now, its a nice day, 60 degree outside...maybe we'll go for a walk around 10 pm, after all, its rare (keep fingers crossed about global warming) that we get days like this in the dead of winter....

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