Monday, October 19, 2009

Ok I'm updating now

Okay, so i've been away from this blog for a little bit now. Its just that I went thru a phase of trying to sell some follow on work to a client who wasn't buying anymore and the well went dry for a bit. Fast forward into July and a phone call from a colleague set me up with a new client (biotech) in boston. I love this city, staying at the starwood hotels makes it even more fun. Somewhere between a tough client, a good team and even better leadership, it makes it all worth it.

One complaint though, the commute is a killer. Seems like every rainstorm, wind or happening of god, has an effect on the flight and traffic patterns back to Eagles country. That, and not getting to spend time with my wife anymore, or should I say, as much as I like. Okay, well that two complaints, but then again, last time i checked, this is MY blog isn't it?

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