Sunday, May 16, 2004

Sunday - Two days to my return

This has been really weighing heavily over me. I will be returning to the good ole USofA in a couple of days leaving my folks behind.. What sucks is that I feel I should be around them more. Isn't it wierd that u spend yr teenage years hating and rebelling against ur parents and then you go away from them and realize how much they mean to you. Well, here I am.
A friend of mine was visiting from Goa over the last couple of days. His bud insisted that we go to a place called "The Hawaiian Shack" located near Pali. Turns out the place scams you for a cover charge and then dosnt stop people from entering. It was so crowded that one couldn't move and the aircons werent clearing the smoke from peoples cigarettes effectively. Being an ex-smoker, I positively HATE the smell of cigarettes in a closed room. Needless to say, I woke up saturday morning with a sore throat and a bad headache (and I didn't have more than a couple of beers). No more clubs for me, Im an old old man now :)

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