Monday, May 10, 2004

India Continued

Still in Mumbai melting away in the sweltering dads case was (surprisingly) misdiagnosed and a second (and third) opinion confirmed that. A wave of relief came over the whole family and now we're trying hard to get life back to normal. My mom is driving me nuts, her cholesterol is at an all time high, and, after spending a night at the hospital..she comes back home and grabs a buttered sandwich. Beats the crap out of me how someone so old in life can just brush away the concern of other people...
my trip ends next tuesday the 19th and i know im gonna miss my folks loads..but its life and one must move on. i hope to be back in december to spend xmas with the family..
all in all, its been very satisfying spending some quality time with the folk and basically helping my dad back to health

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