Saturday, December 30, 2006

Death of a Dictator

Saw the Saddam Hussain hanging on BBC News today and was really disturbed with the hurry in which they carried out the sentence. I don't think he was innocent of anything, but I feel he should have been tried for all his crimes, that way the execution would not have been a facade...

They hung you today a hurried decision
a life snuffed out, no remorse
the world thinks, a life gone, a better vision
a country divided, yet we stay our course

I saw it go down, I saw your spirit find release
the terror you unleashed is now gone
people scarred thru generations, no peace,
death spread around, but that evil lives on

We've found ourselves in a world with just war
our new paradigm is more violence for evils of old
our pretense for freedom, our soldiers lives
all part of our hidden desires for that black gold

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