Saturday, December 30, 2006

Reflections on the year gone by:

Summary on the year gone by:

i'm doing this for the first time for forgive my writing style on being "reflective", but here's the year as I saw it come by me:

- Successful merger of two japanese companies, through the sweat blood and tears we managed to pull it off as a team
- A happy 10 yrs together with my wife, what a fantastic journey this has been, I am truly blessed to have her in my life
- The loss of $9M of potential client revenue due to being stiffed / undercut by another consulting company
- My acceptance into Cornell for my executive MBA program and subsequent damage to my wallet from the fees
- Our saab breaks down for the millionth time. We've stopped worrying about the inevitable
- Padma's dads health takes a turn for the worse and through some good TLC bounces back somewhat
- Quality time spent with my mom, padmas family in goa
- Stomach flu as I sit here and type
- End of my first semester in school. I have earned the "E" in my EMBA programme.
- The win of $9m in client revenue (this is a super comeback for my team from the earlier loss)

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