Monday, July 16, 2007

Funeral and Final goodbyes

Drove up to Nileshs this morning to go attend Brians funeral. It was a sad morning to find a friend going away forever, with no chance of running into each other again during this life.

Sat at mass being one of the three non-caucasian folks there, as Brian would have said "boy you are really out of place here :)", did our farewells, wiped a tear off my eye (after all us macho men dont cry). Spoke to Matt and Chad (his best friends and pall bearers) and of course were able to laugh about everything that defined Brian and his inappropriateness... but a man who could really be counted on to help people.

Here's an excerpt from Brians sense of humor:

Three weeks ago he was helping move us out of our old apartment and into a new one, during the move downstairs, some dude (who was also moving his apartment) came over and struck a conversation with Brian saying "Gosh I'm moving back to Ohio, i hate these moves"...

Brian in his infinite smart-assness goes "Yeah i understand, thats why you should do what i did .. (points to Amrut and Nilesh and goes..) i just hired these Indians to help me out"

The guy was so startled with the statement that he mumbled "No Comment" and sauntered off..

That was Brians humor, i laughed about it all of that day.. i was smiling in the back of my head as i placed my hand on his casket and said goodbye to a friend. he was part of my life for the past 5 years, but he will be remembered for a very long time...Rest in peace my friend, its your time to look down upon us and smile now

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