Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bizarre Turn of Events

Got back home this evening from a week on the road including; Philly, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Newark in a span of 3 days. JH was driving me back home and i was telling him about how much Brian had helped with driving the truck for the move, helping with the heavy stuff, adding to the humor and then i called nilesh.

The call i should never have made:
Nilesh: Man, I have some news for you
Me: What?
Nilesh: You are not going to believe this
Me: What? You got your green card? You finally proposed to the girl and are planning on marriage?
Nilesh: No, Brian died last night

<...Stunned Silence>
Me: What? Stop fucking around
Nilesh: Dude, his boss Jim and friend George called me to tell me this, I'm still in shock, and to think he has a 6 month old baby
Me: What? What happened? Does anyone know
Nilesh: No idea. But I will find out about the funeral plans

Right now, I'm sitting here in utter disbelief that the one person who lit up the humor in any room, at any party,.. the one person who could actually make you uncomfortable with his crazy comments.. is GONE!

Brian, was 33 years old. Rest in peace my friend. My feelings, thoughts and heart goes out to your family. I hope we can all stay in touch so that someday when lil Isabella grows up, I can tell her what a great guy her dad was.

....tomorrow is dads 3rd death anniversary, i will wake up and say a prayer to you dad. If you do run into Brian on the other side, I'm sure you two will enjoy a smoke together up in that great blue beyond.

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