Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mind of a schizo?

ever wonder if there's another side of you? perhaps living in a parallel universe? ever wake up in your sleep hearing someone say something only to look around the room and see that theres no one around? if your not afraid, then why is your heart pounding?

I'm changing, and I'm confused,
Starting to question my sanity
Am I one, or are there many
sides to my being? Inside me.

I'm honest or I think I am,
malice, remorse and then some more
frustration, fear, uncertainty,
and then there's you!

A lurking evil, or a good side to me?
My alter ego, freedom outside the chains of this world
An entity that I cannot deny,
from you, I want to be free.

Disturbed, I hear your screams in my sleep,
You are calling my name, yet there is no one around
It must be me, my madness and me,
from you, I want to be free!

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