Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Caught up with Anil, Jeff, Jimmy and Sandra at the Legend Bar in NYC (33rd and 5th). Had an excellent evening seeing old classmates :)

Thanks to Vix that I had a place to crash, saw some of my old negatives he's been scanning and WOW those brought back some serious memories....

The running continues...managed to get some decent running in so far:
Saturday 5.5 Miles
Monday 3.25 Miles
Tuesday 3.125 Miles
Wednesday 3.5 Miles

The ole treadmill now has 509 miles on it, started the year with 195 or so miles on it, so between wifey and me have run over 300 miles since January...not too shabby!

Ahhhh!!! Now I can enjoy Atlanta and not feel too guilty about this ...

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